Welcome to CA Behavioral Healthcare

CA Behavioral Healthcare is a Joint Commission Accredited comprehensive multi-level substance abuse treatment program management company offering services for adult men and women whose primary diagnosis is chemical dependency.

We believe in treating the whole person, offering individual therapy and case management, psychoeducation, group therapy, equine therapy,  yoga and mindfulness practice, and multiple holistic approaches, as well as offering  traditional twelve-step values.

The treatment process begins with the potential client  interviewing with an experienced, registered recovery worker who assesses substance use history and past treatment history, medical and withdrawal history (the client’s symptoms, limitations, chronic pain, dietary requests or restrictions, special needs/limitations), psychiatric history and current safety concerns (co-occurring disorders, medications, hospitalizations, SI/HI, hallucinations, self-harm), legal history, current living arrangements/support systems, employment/education history, strengths, spiritual / religious needs, and treatment goals.

This information is then reviewed by our Clinical Director, who will also speak with the client prior to making the decision to admit, based on our criteria of determining individual appropriateness for treatment in our programs.

Clients who enter treatment are scheduled to meet with our medical doctor within 24 hours of intake, and continue to be monitored and assessed with weekly medical visits for the entirety of their stay.

We have licensed registered and vocational nurses on staff to work closely with our medical team to provide the safest detox protocols possible. Clients are also scheduled each week to meet with our psychiatrist, and additionally on an as-needed basis to address their mental health needs.

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